Advisory Panel

TyTek Medical is far more than just a manufacturer and supplier of emergency medical supplies for EMS professionals. We have a permanent Advisory Panel that makes us your partner as well. Our panel consists of professionals just like you. They are a valuable asset as we develop the products first responders need. They test our products in the field. They monitor product performance and suggest improvements we can make and features we can add. You can meet our Advisory Panel of experts by simply clicking on the pictures below.  


Keith Griffin

Keith Griffin is a 15 year Naval veteran currently instructing at Aviation Rescue Swimmer School and in the past has instructed medical courses ranging from Tactical Combat Casualty Care to National Registry EMT to Search and Rescue Medicine. He has been involved in some type of an Emergency Medical System now for 13 years all over the world from the Caribbean to the Northwest to Iraq and all across the South Pacific with a specialization in Emergency Flight Medicine.

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Eric Lembke

Eric Lembke is an owner and Wilderness EMT instructor with Backcountry Medical Company. He has 19 years of Search and Rescue and military emergency medical experience making him a sought after authority on the tools of the trade. A self-proclaimed gear head, he is able to put his insight to use in a multitude of emergency medical disciplines. His recreational interests include rock climbing, mountain biking, trail running, backpacking, canoeing and snow shoeing.

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Joel Pratt

Joel has been involved in the Emergency Medical Services since 1989. He has over 20 years of Search and Rescue experience doing work with Ground SAR, Mountain Rescue, Snowmobile Rescue, Dive Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, 4X4 Rescue and Helicopter Rescue. He has held virtually every field, Incident Command and instructor position SAR has to offer. Currently employed by Skagit County EMS as the county's Lead EMS Training Coordinator and Central Skagit Medic as an EMT-IV and a Field Training Advisor.

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Dr. Henry Heimlich

Dr. Henry J. Heimlich was born February 3, 1920, in Wilmington, Delaware. He received his B.A. from Cornell University in 1941, and his M.D. from Cornell Medical College in 1943.
Dr. Heimlich’s career is notable for the abundance of creative, simple solutions he has provided for seemingly insurmountable health and medical problems, beginning in 1945. While assigned to a U.S. Naval Group in China during World War II, Dr. Heimlich took a chance with an innovative treatment for victims of trachoma, in incurable bacterial infection of the eyelids that was causing blindness throughout Asia and the Middle East.

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