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Discover how to control severe bleeding

While the world is focused on COVID 19, it is not the only threat to our health and safety. As you know, uncontrolled severe bleeding is the number one preventable cause of traumatic death.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has limited the ability of many to provide bleeding control training, which is why TyTek Medical, honoring our mission to #educate #equip #empower, has developed this short bleeding control training video:


The video primarily addresses identifying severe bleeding, bleeding control techniques, and hypothermia. We welcome you to share with your listservs, your communities and post to your digital channels.

Choose a body area/technique to focus on

We have broken down the full video into shorter clips that offer a snapshot of the main themes, you can choose from the selection below.

What action should you take first?

The ABC of what to do when faced with a severe bleed

Discover how to apply a tourniquet

 3D illustration demonstrating how applying a tourniquet stops blood flow

 Discover how to pack a wound

 See the 3D illustration of wound packing to stop blood flow

 Discover how to apply direct pressure to control bleeding

 Frequently asked questions when treating a severe bleed


For more information on how to stop a severe bleed please contact Ryan Burke, our Director of Emergency Preparedness, or contact us here.

For more information about typical settings accidents can occur and our range of products to help stop a severe bleed download our brochure.