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MCI Access all Areas

Imagine...A Next Generation trauma response system that will help you save lives...We did

 TyTek Medical products were developed for the battlefield. Almost every day, however, we see and hear how civilians have suffered military style injuries following a deliberate attack or accident. As a result, we have prioritized point-of-injury bleeding in public spaces.

Recent medical research has revealed that there is a Platinum ten-minute period after a mass casualty incident. If you can react effectively in this time you will be able to save lives. TyTek developed the PTENSYS (Platinum TEN SYStem) range to meet your emergency preparedness challenges head on.

With public spaces vulnerable to deliberate and violent attacks PTENSYS is a next generation ‘insurance policy’ that prepares you for virtually every emergency care situation and is literally an ‘out of the box’ duty to care strategy.

Defibrillators and fire extinguishers are placed in public spaces as standard and we believe the inclusion of PTENSYS should be equally valid. We can educate, equip and empower you to save lives during the very worst of circumstances.

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